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March 19, 2013

The benefits of getting a lot of edu backlinks are really huge because such sites are more respectable in the Google’s eyes. If you still didn’t manage get many of them or you still have questions about their importance and credibility, then check out below some of the main reasons why you have to build a lot of edu backlinks to your site if you want to increase your online popularity and ranking.

Most of the EDU Sites belong to different colleges and universities and therefore, they have high authority. Google and the rest of the search engines always place them higher in the search engine results because their content is highly educative and informative.

Almost all EDU sites don’t have any commercial content and don’t try to sale their visitors different products and services. Their main purpose is to educate the community and to make easier the sharing of different materials, announcements and thoughts. Therefore, it’s really hard to obtain edu backlinks to your weight loss blog, because they are strictly moderated and sometimes the approval process is really long.

Another great benefit which you will get per EDU Backlinks is that your site will be listed next to high authority and popular sites. Many of the EDU sites obtain in a natural way a lot of links from other authority sites of different institutions, governments and well known newspapers and journals. So the value of your EDU Backlink is really much higher from backlinks posted to relevant blogs and sites with .com” or .info extension.

Most of the EDU Domains are created many years ago and this enjoy the advantages and benefits of aged domains. Most of their inner pages have High Page Rank and if you manage to leave meaningful and informative comment on them, then you will also take advantage of their Search Engine Authority.

As you see, these are just several reasons why you have two include EDU Backlinks in your SEO strategy. If you don’t have time or enough knowledge to build them by yourself, then don’t get frustrated. BacklinksRocket will help you to gain High PR EDU Backlinks for a very reasonable price. Try to build as much is possible and you will quickly realize their importance for your website.

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