FAQ – EDU Backlinks

Do you build EDU Backlinks per Blog Comments?

Unlike the majority of other similar services we do not provide EDU Backlinks built within Blog Comments. There are some reasons why these Blog Comments will damage your website’s ranking rather than improve it. The first one is that these EDU Blog Post pages where your link will be posted have a huge amount of other unrelated external links. Second reason is that 95% of the EDU Backlinks built per Blog Comment will be No-Follow ones. This means the Blog Post page does not inherit your link target any values. In addition only a mix of Do-Follow and No-Follow backlinks shows Google a natural link building process and backlink diversity. The last reason which underlines the disadvantages of Blog Comment Backlinks on .edu domains is that your website can get penalized by Google. Many webmasters/moderators are deleting these Blog Comments, because they do not contain any content related to the Blog Post. Google recognizes such a huge loss of Blog Comment backlinks, classifies it as spam and decreases your website’s ranking without hesitation.

Can I order your EDU Backlink packages multiple times for the same website?

It’s all up to you and the strategy that you’re following. We are using a fixed number of selected EDU domains where we build Backlinks for the website URL you’ve sent us. From time to time we are updating our sources and other EDU domains will be added. What we recommend is the following: At the beginning you can order one of our EDU Backlink packages for your main domain only (example.com) and let the backlinks “settle” for 2-4 weeks. After that you can order our EDU Backlink packages for some your main domain’s inner pages (example.com/x, example.com/y). During the waiting period of 2-4 weeks we have added some new EDU domains in order to diversify our sources. Therefore you are on the right side if order an EDU Backlink package again but for an inner page, because no identical .edu domains will point to your main domain and you will get some Backlinks from the .edu domains we have newly added.

I have received your Backlink Report, but my backlink checker tool and Google don’t show them?

The EDU backlinks we build will not be indexed instantly by Google. To check the indexation process of the edu backlinks you can use ahrefs.com which shows all edu backlinks pointing to your website under an own “EDU” subsection. All we do to help them getting indexed quicker is the following:

1. We build a variety of TIER2 Backlinks in case of our EDU backlink packages which will be linked only to the .edu sites where we have placed a Backlink to your site. This will ensure that the EDU Backlinks are mentioned/indexed earlier by Google.

2. We submit all links to the 3rd party crawling and indexing services Linklicious and Lindexed.

This is the only possible method to build and index EDU backlinks for an affordable price. You probably know that backlinks on .edu main sites like homepages cannot be purchased, because .edu domains are reserved solely for higher education facilities such as universities. And if it were possible, then one these backlinks would cost you hundreds of dollars per month.

What is the aim of the TIER2 Backlinks?

The TIER2 Backlinks point to the TIER1 EDU Backlinks. They guarantee a faster indexation of the TIER1 Backlinks by Google and add additional trust to the TIER1 Backlinks. We are using generic keywords (e.g. “visit my website”) alternately as the anchor/link texts for TIER2 Backlinks in order to prevent keyword-overoptimization and to show Google a natural linkbuilding process.

Why should I choose your EDU Backlink Service?

EDU Backlinks are an important key to a successful Search Engine Optimization. BacklinksRocket provides EDU Backlinks on High Authority Domains at an affordable price. We offer EDU Backlinks on careful selected High PageRank Domains and guarantee a High Do-Follow ratio to make you satisfied. In addition, every of our EDU Backlink packages comes with a detailed report, so you can be sure it’s only the Highest Quality you will receive. We offer packages for all businesses. If you’re serious about improving your rankings, choose EDU Backlinks today and watch your website’s ranking improve. EDU Backlinks will give you the edge you need to make it happen.
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