You Can’t Make Sales If You Don’t Have Visitors

Website Traffic

Keyword-based Promotion of Your Website within a Domain Network.
Worldwide or US-American Real Human Visitors.


traffic sources

A partner of us has deals with hosting companies and domain registrars. He owns thousands of domains used to gather traffic to be sent to a website according to categories. After someone has placed an order we will include the submitted website in a category and it will be visited when a visitor lands on one of these domains which match the related keywords.

We cannot provide you the specific strategy, but we can guarantee you Real Human Visitors (No China Traffic, No Bots or Autosurfers). What we can tell you is that every category which is connected to thousands of domains holds hundreds of websites in order to keep costs low.

The people who will visit your site are free to browse your website without limitation, no frames or any other annoying banners are displayed. Conversions, sales or leads may be possible but they are not guaranteed, due to the genuine nature of this promotion. The Visitors are Real Humans so it’s not possible for us to state how long they will stay on your page.



The amount of website traffic counts as one factor concerning your website’s ranking positions. Google’s way to analyze your traffic is Google Analytics, so you should use it to send Google some information about your traffic sources and the behavior of your visitors.

Via Analytics Google detects if a visitor lands on your site, stays and interacts with it (“long click”) or enters your site and “bounces” off directly (“short click”). The bounce rate of your visitors and the time they will stay on your site can affect your search engine rankings and Google PageRank.

Therefore in a direct comparison of two websites with similar link profiles, a website with a lower bounce rate and with more visitors staying and engaging with it would beat a site with a high bounce rate and visitors staying a low time on it.


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