Can Twitter Retweets or Facebook Likes push a Website’s Ranking?

June 11, 2013

With the increasing social media involvement in the search engine ranking, it is obvious that sharing and tweeting will play a major role in boosting the rank. In the recent years, the impact of social media on SEO has been immense as the users look for updated information that is easily available through social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter. This has aroused interest in the minds of the people with many of them relying on such popular platform to catch the latest updates. If you want the website rank to improve, it is necessary to make social media a part of your promotion and see a big improvement in the website rank.

Nowadays it has become a trend to integrate Facebook and Twitter with your website so that you can connect to a larger audience and make people familiar with your services. There are many more advantages that the social media can offer to the SEO professionals.

1. Connecting to Facebook is the best way to target your audience and increase your inbound links. No other SEO method will be so quick and efficient to result in a high amount of traffic in a small amount of time. More number of fans means that more people will connect to your website thus increasing the traffic as well as improving the position.

2. Getting more people linked to your website is the ideal way to influence the website rank. If your fans like the stuff that you share or tweet they will get connected to your website and this will have a significant impact of your website rank. Likes and comments are really beneficial in increasing the incoming links.

3. Retweeting is another superb way to enjoy a high ranking among the search engines. If you are popular on Twitter and Facebook, there are higher chances that people will like your posts and even share your content thus reaching a larger audience. That is why popularity plays an important role in taking your website rank to a better position.

4. Being a brand name over these popular social media sites will help you a lot. It is because people eagerly wait for interesting news from such brands and this proves helpful in getting more number of inbound links towards your website.

Thus it is clear that Facebook and Twitter effect the website rank and this is the reason that it has become a popular promotion medium. 

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