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web 2.0 backlinks  

Concerning linkbuilding a Web 2.0 website is a site where you can create an account and add content which contains your links. Usually these sites have many backlinks from other sites and as a result a high domain authority. Therefore Google considers them as high important sources for information and crawls these websites many times per hour to index new pages and links.  

Some of the biggest and most popular Web 2.0 properties are WordPress, Tumblr and Blogger with a high domain authority (DA) of 95 or more.

Although only the root domain of a Web 2.0 platform has authority (DA) and the content page with your backlink has not much authority (PA), a part of the root domain’s authority and trust will be passed to your website. Google is looking for such quality backlinks on subsites of valuable authority sites.



blog posting  

Posts with links on private websites are an efficient strategy to get higher rankings for certain keywords in Google. The reason behind it is that search engines value links within a text (contextual backlinks) higher than standalone backlinks (just anchor text without additional text).  

But this is not the only advantage of posting on another site. The publication of a post includes that your website will be presented to another audience, which probably is also interested in your content, offers or services.

In the end a post “kills two birds with one stone”, because on the one hand it can increase the reach of your business as well as the chances of winning new visitors and customers. On the other hand a post on a private website indicates contextual link building which can boost your search engine rankings effectively.


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