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edu backlink importance     

EDU backlinks are links on .edu domains. These domains are reserved solely for higher education facilities such as universities. .edu domains are available worldwide, but most often the educational institutes behind them are located in the USA.     

EDU backlinks are the most important backlinks for SEO, because in general an .edu domain holds a high level of domain and page authority. They can greatly improve your website’s chances of increasing in the search engine rankings.

Due to the exclusivity of .edu domains, obtaining them can improve your chances of overtaking competitors in the search engine results. Thus adding a large number of EDU backlinks to your search engine optimization campaign is a highly effective strategy.




We build EDU backlinks for your website on subsites of careful selected high authority (DA) and trusted .edu domains (e.g. from Universities, Colleges, High Schools, etc.). Our EDU backlink service consists of EDU profile & contextual backlinks. Google attaches great importance to these backlinks on high authority .edu domains.     

The building of an EDU profile backlink means we create an account on an .edu website and link back to your website. An EDU contextual backlink implies that we use your website description and place your link in it which transforms the “normal” link into a contextual one.

After we have completed the building of backlinks on .edu domains we submit them to a link indexing service. This process ensures that Google notices and indexes these backlinks earlier than normal. Every EDU backlink package comes with a detailed report, so you can be sure it’s only the highest quality you will receive.


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