How High is the Value of a Wikipedia Backlink?

May 24, 2013

The competition to excel is on rise these days. With the advent of technology, this race has increased further. We are living in an era where the internet has become a vital source for the success of any business. It has become significant more than ever for businesses to make their presence felt online or else their survival may come at stake. A good way to do this is by investing in SEO for the purpose of promoting your business. SEO ensures that you are able to generate targeted traffic, attract more visitors to your site and ultimately convert them into sales. An effective and active SEO campaign leads to higher ROI and thus more profit.

One of the SEO techniques that people opt for is keyword placement. Placing important keywords wherever relevant may help you in ranking higher in search engines. However, it is easier said than done. It requires a great deal of time, money and efforts to actually make this method work. Another SEO technique that is always recommended is by providing backlinks. In this regard, a Wikipedia backlink can do wonders for your business than you can imagine.

 We all know that Wikipedia is a popular website and is frequently visited by people from all over the world. After all, it is a non-profit site providing accurate and unbiased information. For this reason, people trust the content available on Wikipedia. Hence, businesses must make use of Wikipedia backlink to their advantage. Like for example even if you have just one link in any of the articles on Wikipedia, it will help you in generating more or less 50 visitors per week to your website. The more backlinks you will have from Wikipedia the more number of visitors. However, Wikipedia does not offer link juice and you may wonder how it will be linking back to your website! Well, do not worry because there is a solution for this too. Help Wikipedia by editing the accuracy of its content for some time. Once you become a trusted editor you may put your links on their articles but do so in the “reference area”. Also, do remember that your links must be related to the content displayed on Wikipedia and you should definitely not link spams. If you do so the Wikipedia Team will blacklist your URL or IP.

On the whole, having your link on Wikipedia will work great for SEO purposes. Although, the whole process is bit tedious, the results are worth it.

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