How High is the Value of an EDU Backlink?

April 25, 2013

Getting .edu backlinks for your site is one of the most important steps in your SEO strategy. These backlinks are often the most difficult to attain but they drive valuable traffic to your website. Getting even 10 to 50 edu backlinks for your site can be very beneficial. These backlinks are ranked highly on search engines like Google. The search engines place more trust on such backlinks and this would obviously mean that once you get such a backlink, your site credibility would increase and you would be amongst the top rankers on the first Search Engine Result Page. You can say that while other backlinks like .com are like functional and practical SUVs, the .edu backlink will be an expensive luxury car that will boost your status on the internet. There have even been studies that prove that getting 1 .edu backlink is equal to getting a hundred .com backlinks.

How can You get some Free EDU Backlinks for Your Website?

You have to be consistently seen on the websites and blog comments of educational institutions like top rated universities in order to get these edu backlinks. Moreover, you have to make sure that these comments that you post, must be very genuine and must sound original. When you maliciously use bots in order to comment on such blogs, you posts will be mercilessly removed and you can even be blocked. This is a black hat SEO practice and you must refrain from it if you really want better backlinks and more authority on your site.

Another very difficult way to get these backlinks is to start blogging. However, you cannot write blog posts on your own. These blog posts have to be on the blogs hosted by educational institutions and it is quite difficult to seep into these blogs. Moreover, there is no place for anything junk or spam over here and this is exactly the reason why they are hard to get and Google loves them. If you are able to get even 2 of such backlinks, then consider yourself lucky.

All you have to do is select one or two unique keywords for your site and get two different URLs for these. You can post your blogs and comments on the edu backlinks and get great traffic on the web. Remember, that these edu backlinks are very hard to get and they will often need a very strong source to seep into these blogs. Therefore, look around carefully and judge on your own.

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