How important is the Google PageRank?

May 8, 2013

Whenever you are searching something on Google, you will come across so many search results that it becomes impossible to check all of them. In such a circumstance, you will usually check only those websites that show up in the first, second or if time allows even the third page of Google search result. That goes without saying that websites that did not show up quickly will rarely be checked ever. This is where the importance of Google PageRank is highlighted. It is very important to have your website or blog appear in the initial search results or else they will hardly get noticed, leave generating traffic or revenue.

PageRank is Google’s initiative to determine how popular your site is in comparison to other sites. 1996 saw the origin of Google PageRank when it was included by the Google founders Sergy Brin and Larry Page as a part of their research project. This research was concerned with their doctoral thesis but later went on to become a revolutionary technology, thereby leading to the invention of a new type of search engine. The whole concept revolved around ordering all the information available on the internet on the basis of link popularity. That is the more links a page will have, the higher it will be ranked. So this is what Google PageRank is all about.

The importance of Google PageRank cannot be ignored. We all know that competition these days is so stiff that one has to come up with ways to make their website survive. For this, ranking higher in search results becomes imperative. That is why the influence of Google PageRank for website’s ranking is something that shouldn’t be overlooked at all. Some of its important benefits include:

- Credibility – PageRank adds credibility to your site. If your site has a higher PageRank, people will be more willing to refer to it.

- Popularity – If the visitors find something interesting on your website or blog, they will like to share it with others via linking back. When more and more people will start sharing, your content and site will automatically become popular.

- Frequent Indexes – That says it all. A higher PageRank will also allow your site to be frequently indexed.

- More Revenue – Online money making with the help of banner ads, pay per click, paid links is on rise these days. However, if you also want to earn handsome revenue through these methods, it is important that you have a high PageRank. Advertisers always pay more to people having sites with higher PageRank.

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