How to get some free Backlinks on EDU Domains?

May 4, 2013

To dominate on Google Search Engine Results Page, the SEO experts take a lot of pain and spend hundreds of hours to get a good rank for their website. However, getting thousands of .com backlinks is not as effective as getting 10 to 50 .edu backlinks. Google ranks these backlinks very highly and has been placing its trust on websites and blogs of educational institutions. In turn, it is very difficult to get an .edu domain and even more difficult to access them unless you know the right tactics in edu backlinks generation. Here is what all you must do in order to get these backlinks.

>> Find the blogs. First of all, you must do a research on the blogs where you want to post your stuff and get the valuable edu backlinks. When you do this, you will easily be able to focus and create SEO strategies that work specifically for that kind of blogs. Therefore, invest some time in getting such blogs handy. Also, do a research on the kind of content that they post and make sure that your strategy is in sync with all this.

>> Get keywords and URL. decide one or two unique keywords that can be used for your website and also get two URLs handy that can be associated with these keywords. You can then proceed on the next step.

>> Post Content and Comments to these blogs. Posting content is very difficult and there generally university blogs only go for content from people who are related to their organization in some way or the other. You will have to track and pitch them in order to get this all. Also ensure that even if you can’t post content, you can still post comments. Make the comments very short and original so that they are accepted by the blog moderators.

>> Start Posting in Forums. This is a little tricky to find but once you get in, you get many edu backlinks at once. Most of the universities do not allow non-university mail addresses to participate in these forums but some are liberal in their policies. You can make use of them and start posting about you.

>> Create Content. There is certainly nothing better than creating a good quality content for your website. When you make good content, students and universities will flock upon your URL and you will get a chance to create backlinks to these sites with ease. 

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