The most important Google Ranking Factors in 2013

November 12, 2013

There are always dozens of SEO factors that determine high Google ranking. The ranking factors do not change overnight but there are always some updates and changes that any webmaster, internet marketer or company has to bear in mind. In 2013, the same old SEO factors would still be significant but according to the importance that Google has been bestowing upon some ranking factors, here are four aspects that you have to work on for high Google ranking.

Extensive Detailing

Till date, contents on websites or articles have been stunted to four hundred to six hundred words. Very rarely did any company use very long content on websites or on articles. The capping on the word limit always makes a topic less discussed and explored. Google wants content to be as detailed as possible. Providing some details on a particular topic and withholding some other details which would be significant for the user or the reader will come in the way of high Google ranking. Google wants its users to be satiated with the content they come across and naturally the most extensively detailed content, website or article would have ranking factors working in its favor.

Factual Information

Original and unique content that is not plagiarized or not too stuffed with keywords have always been quintessential for high Google ranking. To add, now you have to add factual information. The SEO factors that would judge the quality of any content will look at the factual accuracy of the information provided. Any claims would have to be backed up by statistics or published reports which are credible. An author who pens down an article or website content needs to have expertise in the given domain. The profile of the author and his authority in a given niche would be decisive in getting high Google ranking.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing would play a much more important role than it has till now. All SEO factors pertaining to social media, be it links, posts, back links, traffic generated from social media or the extent to which any product or article is being talked about, would be tracked extensively by Google.

Relevant & High Quality Links

Google has come down hard on any wrong link building practice. One of the most important SEO factors this year is the quality of links and their relevance in accordance with the website where they are posted.

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