Is it important for SEO to have a Facebook Fanpage or Twitter Profile?

July 5, 2013

What if Facebook and Twitter were a country? Facebook would rank (in terms of population) 3rd with more than 1 billion users and Twitter would stand at 12th with more than 500 million users. With so many users on these platforms, it certainly is a hunting ground for SEO. A Facebook fan page helps the business to get direct access to its audience. As the number of likes increases, the authenticity of the page also increases. When a person likes the page, it features on the wall of that person, which can be seen by his friends. Thus it increases the virility of the page, which is an impressive SEO technique. The first word used in the name of the Facebook fan page, is used for SEO & helps to feature the business in search engines.

The “About Us” and “Description” sections acts as metadata which if written in a customized manner also improves SEO. Further addition of address and phone numbers helps the business to pop up in searches pertaining to local areas. Even while updates are being made on Facebook, the first word in “Say Something about this link” acts as keywords for SEO. Moreover whatever you post on your website, when shared via Facebook on the fan page, the users can see them directly on their newsfeed. They can go to the website to view the detailed content and if they like it, they may even share it with their friends. In this way, lots of backlinks and virality is created which guarantees a higher SEO. Similarly, for Twitter profiles, the profile name will serve as the brand name of the business, which will feature in the search engines.

The hash tag acts as a metadata for the tweets. It helps in determining the trending topics in Twitter. Since it supports only 140 characters, it is more straightforward. The more the tweets and re-tweets where the business name comes up, the more it’s relevance. The “Bio” in the Twitter profile should be relevant to the website, as it will be used for SEO. In an age where social media is the next big thing, business has to have a Facebook fan page or a Twitter profile. As it will increase direct customer interaction, which in turn will generate authenticity and backlinks and thus a better SEO.

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