What effect have Google Plus Ones on SEO?

June 7, 2013

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are highly responsible for boosting the traffic of the website, increasing the position and the page rank. Though giving a competition to such popular platform is definitely not easy but still Google has taken an initiative to introduce its own social media feature through Google plus One. Now with the help of the Google+ button, you will be able to take your website one level up and share all sorts of stuff to promote it. Just like Facebook and Twitter are useful with SEO point of view similarly Google+ One will also have a positive impact on the overall traffic and rank of the website.

There are countless benefits that Google+ One button can have on different websites.

Quick results – The most important advantage of this feature is that you can obtain fast improvement in the rank of the website. As it is a Google product therefore sharing through Google Plus will surely have a huge impact on the website rank and also enhance the traffic to a great extent. Just try to integrate this feature with your website and have a look at the results yourself.

Consume less time – Promoting your website through Google+ is certainly a very good idea. There are lots of people who are connected with Google+ and the new features will surely attract many more. Sharing is done in the same way just like the Facebook but the only difference is in the end result. With the search criteria becoming so sophisticated, Google has tried to provide a new medium of connecting to people and get your website listed on the top pages of the search engines.

Connect to your audience in a smarter way – Google+ combines two different kinds of searches; one is the personalized while the other is the social search. It is an attempt to refine the search results according to the latest changes made in the Google algorithm and offer better outcomes related to the query of the user.

Efficient promotion technique – If you look forward to a higher ranking in Google search engine, it is necessary to have a Google+ page and promote your website through it. Your page will help you to connect with the other people in your circle and share different kinds of stuff related to your website.

Thus, the new feature on Google+ will definitely be helpful in better promotion of the websites to improve its ranking.

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