What is the difference between Do-Follow and No-Follow Backlinks?

March 22, 2013

What is a Do-Follow Backlink?

A Do-Follow Backlink is a hyperlink that is able to tell all search engines to pass along it’s page rank influence to an outbound link.
If you get or use Do-Follow Backlinks, then search engines will decipher your links as backlinks and you have more chances to receive positive values for your site’s ranking. To conclude Do-Follow Backlinks pass link juice and they definitely help you much in order to achieve good page rank.

What is a No-Follow Backlink?

A No-Follow Backlink is exactly the opposite of a Do-Follow Backlinks. It is a hyperlink that removes the ability to pass on it’s page rank status to other sites.There’s nothing wrong with getting No-Follow Backlinks. In fact, you’ll want to get an equal amount of them as well. While they don’t pass on link juice, they do help associate your site with anchor text (the keyword phrase that makes up the URL pointing to your site). They also increase the exposure of your site, overall, which may eventually lead to you getting more mentions via DoFollow links!

How do Do-Follow and No-Follow Backlinks affect the Search Engines?

When search engine robots visit and sweep through a site to browse through it and look out for content, it includes and pays attention to any link with Do-Follow attributes, and excludes any link that has No-Follow attribute. Whenever the robots come across sites withNo-Follow Backlinks, they can see the site where the link is directing, but cannot respond to it and follow the link. But when the spiders come across Do-Follow Backlinks, they respond and follow the link to the site where it is directing. If the robots like the content on the next page, it is ranked even higher and better on the search engines.

How can I check which Backlinks are Do-Follow and which areNo-Follow?

You can track your Backlinks in order to find out if they are Do-Follow or No-Follow ones by using the free Do-Follow Test Tool from Scrapebox. This tool allows you to load a list of your backlinks, load your website and scan all your backlinks to get a report if they are Do-Follow or No-Follow.

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