What is the Idea behind the Google PageRank?

April 29, 2013

Over the years, Google has earned itself the title of being the most used search engine by people all over the world. Besides providing the users with easy usage and high performance, Google has also carved a niche in itself because of the superior quality of its search results. These search results are largely based on Google PageRank. Every now and then you must have come across the word “PageRank”. Let us explain this in detail.

Origin of Google PageRank can be dated back to the time when Google founders Sergy Brin and Larry Page thought of bringing about a better system to analyze relationships between several websites. This system helped in determining relevance of a website by:

-  The number of pages

-  Importance of the pages

This new technology came to be known as Google PageRank. The influence of Google PageRank for website’s ranking has been seen in a positive way. In fact, Google PageRank impacts the rankings significantly. The higher the PageRank the earlier the website will appear on the Google search results. This is important because when people would be searching for something on Google, they will see your blog or website in the initial search results. Hence, the importance of Google PageRank can be summed up as follows:

-  Your site will be indexed frequently by Google

-  The act of link exchanges will become easier

-  More links will attract more visitors to your site

-  If you have relevant content along with a high PageRank then driving traffic to your blog or website will be no less than a piece of cake

-  Lastly, you may even increase your revenue. Since you have a higher rank, webmasters are more likely to pay you more by having their links on your site

On the whole, Google PageRank provides you with an indication of how well you are managing and handling your site then be it just a simple blog or a business website and the like. However, nothing comes easy. It will require patience, effort and money on your part to make your site rank higher in Google search results. Some of such ways that you must have heard include link building, SEO etc. Also do remember that appropriate content is of utmost importance if you want to taste success in the long run. With all these things in mind, you will be able to make your site stand out from others. Once this is done, Google PageRank will come into force and with it will come the benefits of higher PageRank.

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