What Role does a DMOZ listing play for the Google Rankings?

May 16, 2013

DMOZ, also referred to as ODP or Open Directory Project, is nothing but a web directory. It is one of the most prestigious web directories that we have today and everybody strives to get their websites listed in here. Why not? After all, building a backlink from DMOZ may actually help in getting a higher rank in search results. Yes, this is true because DMOZ is recognized as an authority site that is equally strict. What this means is that not just any website has the opportunity to get listed in DMOZ. That is why only those listings that have adhered to the stringent submission guidelines are able to make up in this directory. As a result of this, DMOZ has forever been known for high quality listings and enjoys a good reputation.

It is an edited directory that plays a significant role in website ranking. Each and every website is thoroughly scrutinized for suitability by an editor. Although, there are a number of other directories too but none like DMOZ. A DMOZ listing surely acts as a trump card. Almost all the search engines use DMOZ listings in order to enhance their quality. As a webmaster, it should be your top most priority to get a good ranking in search engines. With that being said, getting listed in DMOZ becomes imperative. It will increase your chances of getting visible in search engines like Alta Vista, Bing, Yahoo and the like. Moreover, even Google ranking is affected by DMOZ listing. Apart from that, millions and millions of people visit DMOZ on a daily basis in search of products and services. If your website has been listed here, then probably your website will receive much traffic.

Thus, we see that to get improved online visibility, DMOZ listing will definitely support your efforts. What’s more is that in order to have your website listed in this directory, you will not be required to pay charges. Even if having a DMOZ listing is not a piece of cake and can be challenging for you, it is worth a shot. If you can’t do this on your own, you may even think about taking help from any DMOZ listing company which will automatically do the task for you. On being listed, you will see positive effects, right from getting higher ranks in search engines to driving ample traffic to converting these visitors into more profit.

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