What’s the Google Panda Update?

November 21, 2013

The effective features of the Google’s Panda Algorithm explain how Google became king of the web. In plain English, it is the way that Google crawls to collect words and web data and indexes those words as simply as the index of a hard-back book. In short, the search engine combs the web with as much ease as a person would comb a text book’s glossary or a printed manual’s index for a reference point or definition. The Panda involved tweaking the algorithm’s effective filtering capabilities-a colossal project that will never really end until the task changes names.

Ranking information to outrank the competition. Google enjoyed a relative monopoly on top-quality web searches to the point where its name is still a verb that signifies web searches with any engine. The Panda update isn’t really just a continuous improvement project whose success has very high stakes since  Google now has competition. Bing gives Google a run for its money. With the advent of Bing, Microsoft began to compete with Google for web traffic as Bing becoming the foundational search engine for Yahoo users. The Panda update was dramatized since it signified competition in the search engine arena. Updates were actually rolled out monthly over the first ten days of each month to improve the way the site ranks search destinations, a technique that Google has always been renowned for. At least 200 major modifications were made. Complaints rose after that Panda update roll-out. Site owners became more critical of Google as traffic routing was changed by the updates. Some described the situation like re-routed traffic on roads. The traffic took modified routes and translated to changes in what key words the engine’s crawlers sought first and some key words lost ranking. The result is lost traffic. The suffering sites were no different than stores or restaurants that lost passersby due to the road being re-routed.

Google still retains its lead despite complaints by many site owners after Panda updates began. The only certainty is that certainly not everyone will be happy. The complexity of updates reflects the increasing complexity of the web itself. Deciphering different terms is tough as linking related terms together. Google succeeded in linking the word dog and puppy together, which pleased some searchers, but the byproduct was a connection between puppies and hot dogs, a connection no one would prefer to make.

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