Which are the best Tools to check your Website’s Ranking Positions?

February 12, 2015

Checking ranking positions can make or break your online marketing strategy. A rank tracker can be a great tool for checking ranking positions of webpages online. But there are tons of rank tracker tools out there. So which ones are best? Here, we have rounded up what we believe are the best available rank tracker tools for checking ranking positions out there. We have taken into account function, value, speed, ease of use, and much more. Read on to find your perfect rank tracker!


Are you looking for a tool that does it all? Then look no further than SEMRush. Here you can check the ranking positions for just one page or an entire webpage. The user interface is super friendly and anyone can figure out how to use it in minutes. It will tell you which keywords (if any) an individual page or group of pages is ranked for on either Google or Bing. You can also access info about competition keywords. Just keep in mind that this is a tool that you must pay to keep using after your free trial is over.

SEO Toolbar

The SEO Toolbar is a free rank tracker tool that you can download as an extension for Firefox. To get it you just have to open a free SEOBook account. While this tool does take a bit of configuring in the “Options,” portion of the tool, it is totally worth it. This simple tool lets you input your domain. After a minute or so it returns a list of up to 100 keywords that your domain is associated with. To boost your ranking positions, just choose a keyword from the first page to start building upon. Doing so will raise your ranking quickly.

SERPs Free Rank Checker

SERPs offers a free rank tracker tool on their webpage. It includes a tracker for both Yahoo! and Google. Best of all, you can set it to search for over 100 countries and languages. Local keywords can be searched for by zip codes and cities. You can see all the results for your domain, or narrow by using keywords. No matter what browser you usually use, you can always use SERPs. Unlike SEMRush, this service is always free. Although if you use it often, you can purchase a subscription. All it takes is about 60 seconds.

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