Can Web 2.0 Blogs Increase Your Google Rankings?

October 28, 2015

Web 2.0 blogs such as those created using Tumblr or WordPress have made it easy for anyone to post content on the Internet, since you don’t need to have web design skills or be familiar with coding. These blogs also provide great opportunities for you to promote your business by establishing an online presence and getting indexed on online search engines such as Google. However, it still remains an issue if web 2.0 blogs can really increase your Google search rankings. But the answer to the question is simply: it depends on the strategy you are using.

If you are planning to use web 2.0 blogs to generate links to your site, then it may not help. According to a comment made by John Mueller on a Google Webmaster Help thread, Google ignores links from web 2.0 sites. Although he specifically cited YouTube and Pinterest, he also referenced “article” which could refer to blog posts. Thus, it seems that creating backlinks may not be the best strategy for increasing your search rankings. But this does not mean that web 2.0 blogs will not help you on Google. There are several methods that you can use to increase your search engine rankings. These include:

Posting great content on your blog. This is the most basic thing you can do to boost your search engine rankings. Google is all about ensuring that web users get the best experience when they’re surfing, and you can do this by providing your visitors with content that they’ll find useful and want to share with others. Make sure that your content is readable and don’t write it with an eye towards SEO.

In addition, since web 2.0 blogs allow you to post a variety of other content on your site, you should also explore occasionally posting videos. But of course, you should not forget to optimize your content by using keywords so that Google’s algorithms can index it to determine its relevance to a web user’s search. Make sure to do your keyword research so that the ones you’ll be using are the most relevant and the ones that surfers actually use when conducting their searches.

Sharing on your social networking sites. While doing this may not directly help increase your rankings on Google, it will help generate more engaged traffic to your site that you can convert into customers. In addition, sharing also helps build your reputation as an authority on a particular subject. Create a sitemap for your blog. A sitemap will make navigating your blog easier so that site visitors can find the content that they want to look at. In addition, you should ensure that the sitemap is in XML format, which you can do easily using plugins like Google XML Sitemap.

Make sure that all your internal links are still working. There is nothing more frustrating for a web user than to click on a link and be delivered an error message instead of being brought to the page they want to visit.

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