Do Site-Wide Backlinks have a negative effect on a Website’s Ranking?

August 16, 2013

Though backlinks are highly useful for any website but the current scenario is quite different. The SEO professionals will have to be a strict while creating backlinks as spammy links can bring down the rank of your website. According to the recent news, the Google Penguin update has mainly focused on the relevancy of the site wide backlinks and how it can be used smartly on different pages of your website. Most of the people are of the view that site wide links can hamper the popularity of the website but this is only possible if the links are spam and have no relevance.

This is the reason that SEO professionals will have to be slightly cautious while creating thousands of backlinks that come from WordPress themes or other blog sites. If the link is genuine, Google will consider it as a part of the right SEO strategy or else it will declare that page to be a spam and you may also be penalized for that. Therefore it is essential that one is familiar with the new updates or you can lose the search engine rank of your website. If natural ways are adopted to get a backlink, it will have a positive impact on your website and will prove useful too.

So one of the best ways to get a backlink is through the blog post or RSS. These two options are not only safe but can prove to be a good approach in the future as well.  Using site wide links as footer on all the pages can be considered as a spam so try to generate natural backlinks. Another important thing that you can remember is that create a backlink for your brand name rather than the anchor text as it will neither be considered as a spam nor it will be against the Google Penguin update.

Thus it can be concluded that site wide backlinks do not cause a threat to any website unless it is natural and free from spam. Now it depends on the SEO professionals to change their strategies and work according to the latest updates. This will prove helpful for them or else you can end up losing your website. So try to rely on the natural ways of building backlinks which are genuine as well as relevant.  Such ways can enhance the overall visibility of the website and improve its ranking to a great extent.

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