Does the Alexa Ranking influence the Search Engine Ranking?

April 16, 2013

The web information company Alexa publishes detailed visitor statistics of Websites and gives every Website according to a specific analysis an individual rank which is the Alexa Traffic Rank. For many people the Alexa Ranking is an important traffic rating factor, so that they include it into the tracking of their websites’ SEO results.

Nevertheless it’s important to get to know how the Alexa Ranking is calculated in detail.

Alexa itself takes the Traffic Rank based on the website visits of Alexa toolbar users and from other sources. So Websites with higher scores allegedly receive more traffic and are more important than others. The largest part of the calculated Alexa Traffic Rank depends on how many people with an Alexa toolbar installed visit a Website. Because of that it’s possible to manipulate the Alexa Traffic by installing the toolbar and visit a website again and again to boost its Alexa Rank. The consequence of this potential of manipulation is that some people only see the Alexa as a minor traffic rating factor rather than important metric.

Now the next question is whether there is a connection between the SEO rank (e.g. Google Ranking) and the Alexa Ranking or not. The answer is easy. A Website’s Alexa Traffic Ranking has no influence on its position in search engines. Every search engine has its own unique algorithm to rank a Website in its result pages. Alexa however is a separate rating factor from the major search engines and calculates the Traffic with its own technology. So there is indeed no connection between the Search Engine Rankings and alexa.
Independent from that the Alexa is not completely useless even if it’s easy to manipulate and there is no impact on a website’s Search Engine Ranking. A TOP100 Alexa Ranking makes a website clearly more popular than Websites with a rank above 1000. Therefroe the Alexa Traffic Rank is a very useful tool for analyzing the traffic trends of websites sort by categories.

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