What is Domain and Page Authority?

November 10, 2014

Domain authority and page authority are two very different things. However, they both have to do with your reliability as a page, size, backlinks number, and can even effect your SEO. Here, we will look at domain authority and page authority. We will also attempt to explain what each of them is. We will also let you know how at least one of these can seriously affect your overall SEO. If you are looking to build your webpage or domain name, this is the article for you.

A Complex Number

Domain authority is a ranking system that was first developed by Moz. Basically, it is usually represented with a number between 0 and 100. As the numbers increase, so does the difficulty to move up a few levels. This number is a predictor of how high a page ranking will be on a large search engine, like Google. Domain authority rankings are very complex. They take in over 40 different areas into considerations before giving you a ranking for your page. If you are curious as to the ranking of your webpage then you can install browser add-ons or opensiteexplorer.org. You should always try to keep tabs on the domain authority of your webpage.

Important to SEO

SEO does take domain authority into account. But there is not one magic way to make your domain authority better because it is such a complex number. Instead, your best bet is to improve your linking. Do your best to build the links from other webpages to your webpage. Also, gradually improving your SEO on your webpage can also improve your overall domain authority. Although this might seem a bit circular, just keep at it. Slowly, you will see your rankings begin to pick up. As they do, and your SEO is made better, your page will climb the search engine results.

Page Authority

Whereas domain authority is ranking the overall strength of your domain as a whole, page authority deals with only one specific page. Building page authority is also important, but not as important as domain authority. In most cases, if you have a great domain authority, posting helpful and useful content on a single page is all your need for page authority. Remember that while page authority is great to have, it is not your ultimate goal is SEO or page rankings. Instead, domain authority should be much more important on your overall list.

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