FAQ – Rocket Packages

What kind of report will I receive when my Rocket link building campaign is completed?

After we have completed a Rocket link building campaign you will receive a confirmation email with a report which includes:

– a packed zip file which contains the URLs of all first-level backlinks (links to your website URL), the URLs of all second-level backlinks (links to the first-level backlinks), text files of the unique handwritten articles, an On-Page SEO check of your website URL and an indexation report from an indexing tool which we use to get some of the backlinks indexed faster by Google.

What is the difference between your Rocket Packages and your XTREME Backlink Packages?

In case of our Rocket packages we are focusing on the creation of backlink diversity. The backlinks of our Rocket packages are perfect in order boost the diversity of every link profile and are great choice for new and established websites which want to achieve better rankings for keywords in niches with medium competition (1000 to 10.000 monthly searches in Google). Our XTREME Backlink packages are the best choice for websites with an existent link profile which want to get better rankings for keywords in the higher competitive range (10.000 to 100.000 monthly searches in Google). However for complete new websites with zero links we recommend our Rocket packages first because pointing a bigger number of high authority backlinks to a complete new website can look suspicious and can result in no ranking improvements.

Can I order your Rocket link building campaigns on a recurring basis/multiple times for the same URL with the same targeted keywords?

Yes, you can order our Rocket link building campaigns on a recurring basis/multiple times for the same website URL targeting the same keywords. Many clients order our Rocket packages three times for the same URL with the same keywords to get the most out of them. If you decide to do so we basically suggest at least a waiting time of 1 to 2 weeks before placing the next order for one of our Rocket link building campaigns for the same URL and the same keywords you’ve used before. Nevertheless according to the latest Google algorithm updates we recommend that you change your previously targeted keywords a little bit and use other variations of them in order to get a higher keyword diversity (which is important nowadays) by maintaining the focus on your targeted keywords. For example if you have targeted the keyword “steakhouse new york city” before, use “More information about a steakhouse in new york city” the next time.

How many targeted keywords should I submit in order to get the best results using your Rocket packages?

Regarding the latest changes in Google’s search algorithm we recommend to submit the following numbers and kinds of keywords in order achieve the best results with our Rocket packages:

– up to 6 targeted keywords (the exact search queries for which you want to rank higher in Google)


We will include additional generic keywords, naked URLs and branded keywords in order to maintain a natural anchor/keyword diversity inside your website’s link profile and prevent any kind of keyword over-optimization which can be detected by Google.

Can I order your Rocket link building campaigns without targeting any keywords just to get a higher backlink and keyword diversity?

Of course, you can order our Rocket link building campaigns and submit generic keywords, branded keywords and naked URLs only. Then there’s no focus on specific keywords anymore and it’s just a link building campaign with the aim of gaining a higher anchor/keyword diversified link profile. This kind of link building is recommended for websites with keyword over-optimized link profiles in order to prevent possible penalties by Google in the future with the result of ranking losses. Such a scenario can happen if you have ordered a wrong performed and keyword over-optimized link building campaign in the past from another SEO agency.

Is it necessary to order again after the completion of a Rocket package in order to keep up the increased rankings from the first package?

No, the increased rankings for the keywords you have submitted remain in most cases even if you don’t order another Rocket package after the completion of the first one. This means there won’t be any huge ranking drops in the future without ordering another package.

Do your Rocket packages even work for a brand new domain and website without existing backlinks?

Yes they work for websites of any age. Especially new websites without an existing link profile really benefit from our Rocket link building campaigns because those websites will have a great first diversified link profile afterwards.

Can I order your Rocket packages for non-English websites with foreign keywords (e.g. arabic, greek or cyrillic keywords)?

Yes you can. Regardless of language or location we have seen increased Google rankings of all websites we have worked on.
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