FAQ – Website Traffic

How many visitors should I expect and for how long?

Depending on the traffic campaign you have ordered you will receive 200, 400 or 800 visitors per day over a period of 30 days/1 month. According to the daily trends of people online more visitors are possible, that’s why we added a “+” after the visitor number of every traffic campaign.

What kind of website can I promote and which ones are not allowed?

Although you are entitled to promote websites of almost any topic and content (affiliations, CPA offers, blogs, etc..) some restrictions exist. You cannot submit:
– Adf.ly, Linkbucks, Adfocus and similar services
– Pages automatically downloading any type of file without visitor consent
– Pages or websites that don’t adhere to legal international regulations
– YouTube videos or channels (you can embed videos in your website without problems)

Can I submit a website with adult-related content?

Adult websites are allowed, as long as they abide by legal regulations for adult content websites.

How do you target visitors?

When you place an order for one of our web traffic campaigns you can submit up to three keywords related to your website and its topic(s). The keywords can be submitted here in the same way like when you want to target keywords in Google with a link building campaign for your website URL.   

In order to start the traffic campaign for your website URL we will include your website URL on domains of specific categories based on the keywords you have submitted. Therefore your website URL will be visited when someone lands on one of those domains.

What kind of traffic am I going to receive? Is your traffic safe to use with Google AdSense?

The visitors who will visit your website are real people. You will never receive traffic from bots, proxies or any other kind of fake hits. The traffic coming to your website will be direct traffic in order to ensure the maximum level of compatibility with affiliations and advertising services. That’s why it is totally safe to order our traffic campaigns when you are using Google Adsense or any other advertising network on your website.

What packages are available? From which countries will the traffic arrive?

We are currently offering one kind of a targeted web traffic campaign. This will bring you traffic from all over the world based on keyword targeting. The visitors are coming from the United States, Australia, France, New Zealand, Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom. Due to the nature of our traffic channels and keyword targeting within the traffic campaign the vistors are coming from different countries. The majority of the people visiting your website are based in the USA (70% or higher).

Will I receive traffic from China?

Absolutely not. We don’t own any Chinese domains and we also use further protections against Chinese spammers.

When am I going to see results?

Orders are always processed within two hours. You will receive the delivery notification with all the information when the campaign is activated which usually takes place within 5 days after your order placement.

How can I track the Visitors? Do you provide any prove?

When we start the traffic campaign you will receive a delivery notification email with a custom short link. The link includes tracking features so that you can check and monitor the people from the traffic campaign visiting your website. You will also be able to track the visits straight from your tracking service, such as Google Analytics.

What are the Visitors going to see? Will they interact with my page?

Visitors will be free to browse your website without limitation; no frames or any other annoying banners are displayed. Conversions, sales or leads may be possible but they are not guaranteed, due to the genuine nature of our promotion.

Can I order multiple times for the same website? Will I get more traffic?

You can order only one of our traffic campaigns at the same time for the same website URL. However if you want us to extend the traffic campaign for the same website URL after 30 days just place another order and we will continue the traffic campaign.

Can I order your Service together with another Traffic Service?

Although we discourage running other services at the same time ours is active, we never received any report of incompatibilities. Please note that we won’t be able to offer proper support or guarantee the same quality in case other traffic services are present.

I see a high bounce rate and the visitors seem to spend less than a minute on the website!?

The bounce rate issue is related to Google Analytics not being fully able to properly track direct traffic together with the cookie used from our domain registrars to know when a domain is used (and charge us for the service) without being invasive; in fact, Google Analytics starts recording the visit after about a minute the visitor is on the page, and this generates the high bounce rate you may experience. It doesn’t affect your website though, and we quote directly from Google forums:
“Google has publicly stated that they don’t use your site-specific GA metrics to influence organic search rankings.
E.g., they’re not taking data from your GA profile, and feeding that to the Search Quality team to determine if your site should rank better or worse. They have MANY better ways to accurately track anonymous user interactions with sites at scale (e.g. Chrome).”

I’m not getting any Sales or Conversions!?

We work very hard to provide you with the best quality traffic we can, but we can’t control the actions of the visitors. Therefore clicks, conversions or sales can’t be guaranteed or promised. We advise you to stay away from traffic services selling clicks and offering sure sales: there is no legit way to achieve that otherwise everybody would be rich. Real businesses grow with patience and over time. We will help you to increase your chances of sales by sending real people to your website which are interested in the topics/keywords you have submitted. Even if you are not converting yet, continue tweaking your website and don’t forget that you are still increasing your website’s rankings while waiting for sales.
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