How to find Expired Domains with Authority Backlinks

May 21, 2015

It’s a shame when domains get expired, especially when they have authority backlinks that could help direct more traffic to your site, and help you gain more revenue. However, some people find it almost impossible to get back these expired domains again—but not anymore. With the help of this post, you’ll learn how to find those expired domains—starting now!

Check Backlinks and Metrics First

The first thing that you have to do is make sure that you check whether a certain website has metrics and backlinks, before anything else. To do so, you have to highlight a certain domain, right click, and press copy. Now, you have to open the sites listed below in separate tabs:

  • – You need this to check for the profile of the backlink.
  • – This one’s needed to look for PAs (Page Authorities) and DAs (Domain Authorities)
  • http://prcheckerinfo/check_pagerank.php – You need this to check for Google PR
  • – Now, you only need this to understand how exactly the site looked like way back then.

Check Link Profile

After pasting the domain name on ahrefs, go ahead and click search and you’ll be treated to a chart that shows referring domains and the number of backlinks that are connected to the site. Click anchors. By doing so, you will see which backlinks are actually connected to your niche. Make sure that you stay away from anchors that sound “spammy”, so your content would not get tagged as “spam”. Once you have the anchors you want, you can go ahead and check for DAs and PAs.

Check DA/PA at Opensite Explorer

Paste the link of the domain on this site, and check for its Page Authority and Domain Authority. If you see that its DA is over 10, and PA is at least over 20 to 25, you’re on the right track. You can also check for established backlinks. If there are over 20 backlinks, you can make use of it.

Check Google PageRank

The next thing you have to do is check for Page Rank. Remember that Page Rank is important in any kind of online business because it will help you gain more followers and bring more traffic to your site. Once you paste the link on PR Checker, numbers of your page rank on certain search engines such as Google would come up. 1 is a good starting point but of course, it’s best to aim for more. But as long as there is page rank, you’re all good.

And, don’t forget the history

Finally, you should also keep in mind that it would be good to see how the site looked like before. What’s great about this is that when you paste that link to You’d see this calendar-like item on your screen. Basically, you have to be aware of the blue dates because they would show you how a certain site looked like on those dates. Now, this would help you in such a way that you’d see what you can keep and what you should change—so you’d know exactly what needs to be done with your current website.

Let those sites work for you!

Don’t let those expired domains go to waste. Trace them back and make use of them and your site may just be ultra-successful, after all. Good Luck!

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