Is Google PageRank an unimportant Ranking Factor?

March 16, 2015

Have you heard of Google PageRank? If you are aiming for a great website when it comes to SEO, you may have very well have heard of this term. But do you know what it is? Does it really matter to SEO? Can it improve where your website appears in Google search results? Here, we will tell you more about Google PageRank and what it means for SEO. We will also give you some ideas for really increasing your ranking factor.

Google PageRank is a way to check the “health,” of your page. It is a service that is built into Google’ algorithm. Supposedly, Google uses it to check the relevance and/or how important you page is. Then, Google gives your website a Google PageRank that numbers from 1 to 10. Backlinks are the most common way to improve your overall ranking factor on Google. To get a better PageRank, add more of them to your page.

Lots of SEO companies and “professionals,” might tell you that Google PageRank and your Google ranking factor are both very important in SEO. But is that really true? Maybe, if you are seriously behind the times. Recent updates in the Google algorithm have rendered Google’s scores of pages relatively useless. A prominent Googler has also told members of the press that Google PageRank will, most likely, not be updated anymore. Clearly, Google PageRank is just a bit behind the times. Using newer, more important and exciting SEO tactics will improve your actual search ranking factor! This isn’t your grandpa’s SEO anymore.

So now that Google PageRank is a thing of a past, what tactics can you use to build the SEO of your webpage? Here are just a few ideas:

– Consistently produce interesting, helpful, dynamic content

– Use a few carefully selected key phrases a couple times in posts and pages

– Link your main webpage with blogs, YouTube accounts, other webpages, and social media accounts

– Get on social media if you have not, already. Google’s algorithm calculates things like likes, comments, tweets, retweets, and shares on social media pages

– Use metatags, titles, and other tags on every page on your website

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