Hottest Anticipated SEO Trends in 2018

January 7, 2018

What is to expect? What’s next to see? Well, for Search Engine Optimization, there’s a lot to prepare for in 2018. It’s a whole new chapter to adapt to. Now, let’s have a peek!

Okay, but first, let’s have a little history review. SEO came about in the early 1990s, when the first search engines were developed and that was the time when it first started blooming into what it is today. The first website that came into existence was developed by Tim Berners-Lee – the inventor of the World Wide Web. That was in 1991 and it was at that time that the first signs of SEO became more prominent. Today, SEO is a big part of the everyday web-browsing of the population and in the field of marketing, especially for businesses and companies who are taking part in online advertising and those who own websites. SEO keeps their names relevant. For them, it is a very important part of their marketing strategy to include SEO in their plans and they even spend a fortune to seek the advice and accompaniment of the pros.

Now, let’s get into the gist of this subject matter. What SEO trends will go on as far as 2018 or what new advancements would emerge?

Voice Search

This has already been predicted to be one of the future SEO trends last 2016. Google already reported that the ratio of voice search has been growing faster – having 55 percent of teens and 40 percent of older people using the feature. This new trend will bring upon new changes in the search market. Search keywords will be much more conversational, long and human like… Not like the original, robot like way of browsing the net – “apple,” “ingredients velvet cake,” “top shoes 2015.”

Link Building

This is a trend that will go on until 2018. It has been a thing for some time alongside SEO. It’s just that links are important parts of SEO because engines treat them as one of the factors in giving a website some value or relevance. In 2018, SEO strategy is expected to be more focused on building better relationships with other groups of companies.

Mobile Accessibility

It hasn’t been long since the emergence of mobile devices. Mobile accessibility has been one of the mid-term developments in SEO. Nowadays, majority of internet users use their mobile phones to search for what they need. This is what gave birth to mobile accessibility in websites which allowed people to have more accessibility and less issues surfing the net with their mobile phones.

Page Speed

According to Google, the average time for a mobile landing page to open is now at 22 seconds. Page speed has been developing ever since just like how internet speed improved. It is something that internet users want and that’s what they’re usually looking for – easy and fast access. So, that’s the reason it will be one of the SEO trends of 2018. Most probably, companies will put page speed on top of their list to attract more visitors and customers.

New SERP features

SERP features are the results you see on every Search Engine Results Page (SERP). These features are the blue, green, and black text you see on the results page after you search for a keyword in your browser. Some other features are image results, featured results, review stars, and advertisements. The evolution of SERP features have been booming and is expected to advance more in 2018. Search results are getting more diverse and fancy – much for the attention of users. This is something businesses have to put their minds to – increase their dominance with the variety of SERP features.

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