How to write High-Quality Content for Search Engines

March 12, 2019

Do not think too much, if it were easy everyone would be doing it. If you are a good writer, then with a bit of tuning you will be able to learn how to write high-quality content and get Google recognition. Think about quality over quantity; it doesn’t matter how much content you have, what matters, is the quality.

Learn the Basics for writing high-quality content:

Seek purpose: A content is nothing if it doesn’t have a purpose. Targeted audience, topic, and platform, all these should be defined before you set to work.

Research is a must: Once you all the right information about your purpose and the audience its intended for. You will need to research it thoroughly. Don’t just sit and start. Make sure you have a defined outline. This will help you bring your piece together in the end. Haphazard writing leaves a lot of loose ends.

Writing and Editing: no matter how many times you have been praised, remember that all writings have the potential to be improved. Write and edit, read again and edit again. Polish your work as much as you can. This isn’t a weakness, but strength.

Have a Background: Google is very particular about the path where the content emerges from. It needs to know. Be sure that you have provided all that information.  It needs to know the brand or the author, make sure it has the means to locate the generator.

Information, Education and through: All these qualities are a must in your piece. All content needs substance. Does your content satisfy the subject? Is it packed with information or fluff? When the writer educates a reader, the writer becomes a huge success. Remember that.

Sources and References: These are as important as the content. These are your credibility.  Your statistics and data will mean nothing to the audience if they can’t verify it from sources.

When you are working content for any brand, you need to make sure that you stay true to the roots. Create realistic content, that describes your brand well and not take away from it. The mistake that you need to avoid is to create content that is quickly forgotten. The thing about creating an impact. Your content should have significant residue in order to do that you will need to observe the following.

– Is the content being consumed by the audience?

– How did they come by your content?

– Impression before reading the content?

– Impression after reading the content?

– Will they recommend the brand? If yes, how? If no, why not?

If you execute pre/post-campaign study, these observations will be a piece of cake.

Opt for Wise Content Format:

Go for the content that is shareable. Shareable content gets viral in a matter of minutes. The two formats to choose from are:

– Video Format

– Interactive Content Format

Last Word:

Be focused to the contract conciliation. Make sure you have a proper plan as well as assets and access you will need along the way. Be ambitious. Have value and residue when you write content. Calculate the variation in awareness as well as in sentiment pre/post campaign.

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