Is a Google Pagerank necessary to achieve a Higher Ranking in Google?

October 11, 2013

Not many of us are aware of the whole deal with Google PageRank. In fact many web designers panic over the smallest of changes in their page ranking scores. This article attempts to clear the air on why you should or shouldn’t focus on Google PageRank if you are looking for good SEO.

Is the PageRank important?

Google PageRanking doesn’t actually correlate to stronger placements in results on search engines. Having a high PageRank doesn’t ensure that you will get to be on the 1st page of Google ranking results. Even if you do rank exceptionally well, still you are not guaranteed a very high PageRank.

In the good old days, Google’s ranking did enjoy the role that PageRank had to play. The role as of today doesn’t clearly show that Google PageRank is as important as people thought it out to be. Ranking on search engine websites depends entirely on many other factor and not just PageRank alone. With more and more factors coming to play, every factor has its own role to play to help get you good SEO.

Nowadays people choose to focus on other things instead of PageRank. Designers realize that good content, a clean code and site authority are things that will help you get more traffic and at the same time better ranks.

Is PageRank relevant now for Google ranking?

Nowadays, Google PageRank doesn’t really have much value anymore. The highest of PageRanks do not guarantee a good SEO which basically means that slogging for high PR won’t get you quality traffic for your website.

It is also important to understand that PageRank is not worthless. It does contribute to the website frequency in indexes and can indicate penalties when you fail to back link properly. So the answer to the article title would be a yes and no. If you are seeing a downward spiral for your PageRank then you do need to look at the adopted SEO strategies to see where you are going wrong.

PR has become just a small way to estimate the page power. The sad part is most businessmen who lack experience think that a better PageRank will get them higher sales. PageRank is merely a number and many other elements need to be in play for one to see better Google ranking. If you want to successfully propel your website and help it get not the very first page of the Google search results, you need to make sure you invest time in looking after the keyword rich content on your website and ensure the code is as clean as can be.

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