Is a Homepage Backlink better for the SEO than a Site-Wide backlink?

August 23, 2013

No one can deny the importance of backlinks as it helps to spread your website and enhance its popularity. But the kind of backlinks to which Google responds has changed with the Google Penguin update. Most of the SEO professionals have confusion that whether a homepage back link is better or a site wide backlink. The answer is pretty simple that the home page backlink is far better than the site wide backlink as it brings the visitor to your website thus increasing your traffic and making them familiar with your services as well.  There are many more benefits that the home page backlinks can offer.

Redirecting your visitors to the home page of your website is a smart decision. This not only helps in brand recognition but the traffic is also increased. In the modern scenario, search engine optimization is not all about creating hundreds of backlinks but it is about relevance and natural backlink creation. As per the new update it is seen that Google is penalizing the websites which have site wide links so to stay away from all these problems, it is better to create a backlink that brings the visitors to your home page.  This will result in natural traffic which is the key to success.

There are different types of linking practices that can be followed by the SEO professionals. One of the best approaches for getting the backlinks is by targeting the keywords of the articles which is a natural way of getting the traffic. Similarly free submission directories can result in plenty of backlinks which adhere to the Google update and are free from spam too. Other practices that you can follow are blogging, forum posting, press release submission, competitor’s links and lots more. These practices are really safe and can affect the ranking of the website in a positive manner.

So the professionals must follow the above practices which are considered to be the best. Natural backlinks are always supported by Google; hence most of the activities should be based on the regular updates that are launched from Google. If you want to succeed as a competent SEO professional, you must adopt the right methodologies which are secure and help your business to grow. Therefore try to create backlinks that redirect the users to the home page of your website and also follow other approaches in combination so that the results are outstanding. Hope the outcomes are according to your efforts and expectations.

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