Is there good SEO Software available for Linux?

April 11, 2015

A lot goes on behind the scenes for a successful business with a strong Internet presence.  There are the products sold and services rendered, the information campaign to get your product out there, and the various ways to improve linking and raise product awareness.  In addition to all of this is search engine optimization. At the heart of a lot of business building online, search engine optimization or SEO is the process of designing your website in such a way as to play well with the various search engines that will account for the majority of your traffic.  While SEO optimization is common enough on mac and pc, a growing community of avid computer users is trying to find out if there’s any good SEO software currently available for Linux.  Lets find out.

Quick Overview

Yes. And, like most things involving Linux, it may take some time to find what is compatible and get it working well for your needs.  If you are looking for something that is compatible with Linux, then consider one of the following:

– SEO Powersuite tool

– Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool

– Topsy

– Soovle

– Google Trends

– Rank Checking Tool for Firefox

– SEO Site Checkup

– AgileBid

– Linktiger

The Long Answer

Finding what SEO tool works best for your Linux operating system will take some time.  In fact, this is the leading reason why individuals usually suggest going with Windows instead.  Because Windows removes a lot of this hassle, there has been less support then normal for Linux SEO software. Thankfully, there are several sources for SEO software that work on Linux operating systems.  The tradeoff is that they may not be optimized for performance on a Linux machine. Linux operating systems constantly inspire the very best from hackers and programmers alike.  As the nature of search engine optimization continues to change, your best bet is to invest in a Linux community or forum to keep up to date with new developments regarding SEO releases on Linux systems.

As stated at the beginning, using Linux for SEO may take some time to set up correctly.  What you end up choosing, and whether or not it is ultimately possible will depend on what exactly you are looking to do through Linux search engine optimization.  As always, remember that SEO can be a two edged sword and be mindful that every change may help or harm depending on the nature of the search engine algorithms.

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