SEO for Product Pages: Backlinks or Content?

October 4, 2020

Content is indeed king! Quality content or backlinks – which is more important? The answer to this question is quite easy.

There are several questions made by people in “Ask an SEO”, of which this week’s was by Andrez from Poland. He stated:
“I deal in art supplies at an online store and am at crossroads with regards to product descriptions (some of which are below standards with few being in just a single sentence). There are simply two options left:

– Come up with separate platform to aggregate information along with tests (blogs & YT videos links) pertaining to the products including web based customer reviews (links to pages having opinions, sentiment analysis, aggregate numbers, common cons & pros, etc.) From those pages, create links with product pages in actual store.
– Do not focus on new platform. Rather work on a good description creation in store, however, without text mining analysis, reviews or tests. These outgoing links will only prove to be harmful for conversion purpose.

From SEO angle, the question is like, ‘Will it be useful to have long store product descriptions?’ Like without the product pages getting linked from other sites. Or, there can be mediocre/short product in store descriptions with other domain based links which will fill up with great contents, however, without domain authority. The platform when compared to the store is considered to bring more potential to link with other blogs, sites, etc., thus earning higher Google rankings. You need to focus your thoughts about helping your customers’ queries rather than considering only from SEO point of view. Find out why an art store based product page will be provided with a backlink by a stranger. Product pages do not attract backlinks naturally. It is only possible if you own a very popular product. Otherwise, it can be the biggest Christmas toy of the year that has just sold the last unit or the world’s currently most demanded product like the ‘hand sanitizer’.

You can come across links providing backlinks to product pages directly in product roundups.  It is important to discuss about common myths such as long descriptions and word counts for better SEO, prior to knowing why it is crucial to have user friendly contents instead of product page backlinks.  Your rankings are not likely to be impacted by Long Descriptions & Word Counts. In case, if someone says just the opposite, then they may not know the page type you possess or what exactly they are doing.

According to studies, more traffic is derived with longer word counts and it enjoys longer on page time.

– Specific problems faced are not being considered.
– Study might include resource documents or papers, medical journals and detailed instruction pages.
– Longer resource papers as they are to offer complete education, similar to how-to pages. To complete the project in hand, the person needs to watch the video and be on the page. Hence, longer time is spent on the site. But product pages are not to have longer times. During checkout, longer times will mean customers are not offered with appropriate answer through your site or perhaps, the checkout process is quite a confusing process.

What exactly matters with search query is relevance to copy. To derive the very best experience, the query that is desired to be ranked might take 50 words. In such a case, it should be only 50 words and not 1,000 just because some ‘expert’ or ‘guru’ had stated it. Moreover, 50 words used need to be in the very best format like video, paragraph, bullet lists and tables.

Bonus tip

Suppose you have the following:

– Precise schema
– Well named images
– Quick page

Finally check site structure, which should include your sitemap, navigation, internal links and breadcrumbs. For products desired to be ranked in top search engines, they are all crucial. To rank product page, above does matter a lot and not least word amount.

For the question asked…

Once the customer reaches your product page, the opportunity to seal the deal increases significantly! Find out how to provide your customers with the very best user experience. (Let’s leave out page design, technical aspects, non-used vs. helpful images, conversion tricks and trust factors). Your copy is perhaps the right answer! Rather than focusing on the not so link worthy links to pages, concentrate on the end user for above given reasons.  Your product page copy is to have more information on end user.

Discuss what supplies are being offered and how they can benefit from it.

– What art type can be used on the page supply?
– Has the product some shelf life?
– With regards to supply’s compatibility with regards to other techniques or mediums, what information needs to be provided to your customers?
– Can this supply be used in several creative ways, something not imagined by the prospective shoppers?

The above is what actually matters! In case, you consider chalk as the product, then…

– Can kids use it without any hassle or worry and will cloth get stained with it?
– Can it be used on canvas, paper and brick?
– Are there toxic materials in it and will there be a need to use gloves when working with it?
– How to permanently stick it to the medium instead of blending the same while contacting other surfaces?

Find out how it can serve your customers needs. According start developing contents!

1st Step: Product description creation

Given below is an example of how to come up with good product description:
Are you eager to buy a chalk which can be used in your studio or provide immense fun for your children allowing them to draw on the sidewalk? If yes, then this is definitely the right place to be! XY brand allows you to carry out a & B work type without actually staining your kids’ clothes, in case they plan to carry out experiments in your absence. Using XY chalk, you can clean tiles and hardwood effortlessly with a blue widget. To create own permanent fixtures, you can find 34 & 12 to be just perfect. Also, for 123 projects and when blending with paints, to ensure it does not run, you can mix it along with purple widgets. Our versatile XY chalk is just perfect to be used for all your crucial projects. Check out given below answers, if you have any question pertaining to XY chalk!

2nd step: Give answers

It is easy to come across questions put up by people. It is likely to help you derive new traffic and convert them into sales. Search engines and AnswerThePublic are the commonly two tools used by many. The main phrase can be typed within a box on like ‘chalk’ or in the browser, simply open up incognito window to type ‘chalk’ within the desired search engine. There are several questions offered at AnswerThePublic on completion of compilation of your queries. As you enter a phrase or word within the search engine, you can derive auto-suggestions while typing. For FAQ page, each can prove to be wonderful question. Search results are likely to have in them ‘people also ask’ section, depending on your used modifiers. These can be used on the product page. However, the questions need to be relevant to the products that you deal in and not others. In case, they are other product relevant, then they can be used for the category page.

3rd step: Format & Publish

Once the above steps are completed, the next task is to go through the text and format it properly.

– HTML table can prove to be a wonderful option if you compare kits or chalk types.
– If there is included colors list, then the best solution here is to use unordered bullet list.
– Ordered lists work better if the topic is how the chalk is to be used to perform a particular task.

There is no need to come up with a paragraph as it might not necessarily provide good user experience. Performing the above tasks does ensure that your end-users are offered with an amazing experience. This automatically improves your product page allowing it to be just perfect for SEO. Word count has nothing to do in this. Rather, it is more about user experience and it does need to be a complete one. You can come up more sophisticated features like image compression, code, site structure, etc.

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