Should a Website have actual content to get better ranked?

July 10, 2013

A website most often receives rave reviews from its visitors when it has a perfect match of design and content. It implies that having an elegant design cannot serve the purpose alone because people are more influenced by what they read and what inference they draw from it. Content also holds its importance in making the site more SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly to attract large number of visitors. But the content has to be accurate, unambiguous, original, and effective to do so. Making an actual content is the key to the better SEO ranking of the website.

However mostly the SEO companies give the content which is specifically designed for SEO purposes even if it does not conveys properly the essence of the website. This type of content loses its sheen within a very short span and even the main search engine like Google has decided to assign better rankings to the websites with more original and significant content than those with focus on just SEO without any valuable information for the readers. Earlier such content writing was creating wonders for the organizations but now the focus has shifted gradually to an all inclusive quality content that actually draws more readers and coverts them into the believers.

Website is designed for the benefit of its visitors and a website with weak content may not be able to retain them. For designing and writing a better content, internal thought process of an organization has to take the charge to give relevant and precise information in the form of content without stretching its length and failing to grab their attention. What makes the actual content an essential feature of any website is the change in perception of the search engines in selecting and assigning ranks to the websites. Like, now the relevance of content is judged by its integration with social media as it is more reliable than old SEO techniques which do give results but they are so short lived.

These recent practices have greatly helped in rooting out the fake content and better rankings are enjoyed by the actual and relevant one. The emphasis is laid on community value of the website as higher the sharing of the website, better is its ranking on the search engines. It may take some time to produce such actual content but once it appears online it surely boost the rankings of the website by proving its worth to the visitors.

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