Should a Website use the keywords meta tag or is it unimportant?

August 29, 2013

The use of keywords and Meta tags for ranking websites was done traditionally and it is used by some search engines till now. But Google has considered the use of keywords and Meta tags obsolete. It is using some other tags such as title, description, etc.

Keywords are the words which define a particular topic to be searched by the SEO optimized process. Whereas, Meta tags is the information that is invisible to the visitors of the page and it has given in the header of the web page. But it is tracked by web crawlers. Both the techniques used to calculate the ranking of websites outdated and there are many other options which can be used to identify the position of the website with maximum votes.

Reasons for Not Using Keywords and Meta tag

In today’s scenario, there are many search engines that are using keywords and Meta tags such as Yahoo, Rediff and many others. But according to Google Meta tags are not so important elements for identifying the best website. Now the search engines with Google think that instead of determining about the search it is more beneficial to search the webpage by using the content or other tags.

The different forms of Meta tags are still considered in estimating the ranking such as title tags and description tags. When the title or any description related to the topic is entered into the search box it searches the webpage containing those similar names, this sort’s number of web pages which are of no use to the visitor. One can also use its keywords in the title or in the description this can help the search engine to show more refined content for that topic. This will not affect the SEOstrategy of the company rather optimize it.

Problems in Using Meta Tags

The problem while using Meta tags and meta description tag is that if the tag used is very common and the search engine searches results for it then it can appear simply irrelevant to the visitors. This can make the user think that the search engine is not meant for advanced and customized search. One may shift from one search engine to another. There is much content which is copied by many bloggers and article writers. Google indicates them as duplicate Meta tags, if one is using descriptive tags, it affects the SEO optimized process. This gives a really bad impression to the visitors who are using that search engine. It may affect the visitors graph with declining or diminishing lines.

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