Which Are The Most Important Social Networking Sites For SEO?

June 14, 2015

It is important for website owners to build their site and optimize it for search engine results. A website gains income from the bulk of its visitors. Hence, a good ranking in any search engine will enable a website owner to gain more visitors every day. There have been a lot of changes involving SEO over the past few years. SEO has somehow looked into various percentages in websites, from link building to the increase in the number of comments. Today, however, it is very important to make sure to be active in social networks.

In order to gain the top spots in search engines, a website must also be active in social networks like the following:

1. Facebook

This is one of the commonly used social networking sites in the world today. It has been around for more than a decade now and has gained over 1.44 billion users. So, if you want to be active in the Internet, join Facebook. It gives you free access to all its users, making it a very powerful tool for SEO.

2. Twitter

Twitter was founded back in March 2006. As of May 2015, it has around 302 million active users. It involves a SMS-like type of interface that allows users to talk about various topics with just 140 characters. Even the biggest celebrities today often user Twitter to advertise their movies, shows, and products. So, having a Twitter account can relatively mean having the best and shortest advertisement tool today.

3. Pinterest

This is a mobile application that was founded back in 2010. It has been around for a total of 5 years now but has already earned over 25 million unique visitors monthly. It is very popular among women but it is open to all types of users. Pinterest involves sharing of photos that can interest a particular user. It is a great way to advertise products and even hobbies. If a user is interested in making pickles, for example, he or she could upload photos on it that could catch the eye of other users, too.

4. Google+

This is a relatively new site that was launched back in 2011. It currently has 540 million active users. It is a site very similar to Facebook but it focuses on allowing users to share their identity as well as interests online. It somehow incorporates a person’s profile to all of its Google layers. So, going into Google+ can actually increase a user’s presence in the Internet.

Why are social networking sites important for SEO?

Social networking sites are now put into consideration because the Internet is one big community and being active in the said community means that you are ready to interact more with your target audience. Also, it is also important to let people know that you are targeting a specific niche. If you don’t speak out, no one will actually be able to get to your website and find the niche they are looking for. Lastly, it is also a good way to gather feedback from your audience.

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