What does it mean to ping Backlinks?

August 11, 2013

A backlink is a SEO term given for voting or choosing a specific webpage by another webpage. The number of backlinks of a website establishes its ranking or in other words its importance in the major search engines like Google or Yahoo. When a particular website achieves higher ranking in a search engine, it is more likely to be viewed by more people; thus increasing its chance of making better business or popularity. Therefore it is quite understandable that the websites try to increase the amounts of backlinks directed towards their website, by using several SEO methods that are easily available in the market now.

A website should be pinged regularly so that the search engines can know that its contents are updated and still active, which prompts the search engines to recrawl this site. When a search engine recrawls a site; the ranking of that site increases greatly in that specific search engine. Several simple ping tools are now available to ping one’s website or a blog to popularize it more among the masses.

Now one may ask what does it means to ping backlinks of a website and how to do it easily by a less tech-savvy person. Normally a website posting or a posted blog is pinged to link it to another website, which is termed as a backlink.  This action of pinging a backlink increases the rank of that pinged posting on the search engine index and helps to bring it among the first two pages of the search engine; ensuring more visit by the people who are searching with that keyword which is related to the subject of that pinged post.  Therefore one can just comment on a particular post to increase its link juice, which is a rating of that post on a search engine index. Generally the blogs, forums or discussions on a website, and many web 2.0 sites are considered as pingable sites by any major search engine.

The major search engines like Google frequently change their index, by crawling over the sites which are most recently updated by pings from some backlinks. This habit of crawling with the help of special software reveals the popularity of each website; thus it searches for new links attached to that website or any change of the already existing links. This frequent crawling pushes a website much higher in the index of that search engine; which in turn increases the popularity of that search engine among the net surfing people. This is what the ping of backlinks means in a search engine like Google means.

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