What Is More Important for SEO: Content or Backlinks?

October 1, 2015

You might have landed on this page because of one or two reasons. First, you have no idea about SEO (search engine optimization) and you are new to the business. Second, you want to affirm your beliefs. You just want to find a page that will agree with you, and since it is on the Internet, it must be true. In SEO, both are important. But which one is more important? Technically, it is content. Without content, what will be the point of creating backlinks? Remember, it will always boil down to content. Content is king after all.

Why Content Is King

With Google and other search engines updating their algorithms, content has become much more considered in the search engine results pages or SERPs. After all, the purpose of search engines is to deliver relevant answers or content to a user’s query. And all search engines continuously improve their ways on how they digest and index content in order to achieve their goal.

Content Is An Investment To Your Future Presence

You might have already read arguments saying that Google and other search engines are still failing on ranking pages in terms of content relevance. If that were true, it still does not change the fact that content is still much more important.
Sooner or later, search engines will achieve the proper algorithms that they need and become more capable of understanding content using their algorithms. And when that time comes and you have invested properly in content, you will gain an edge against your competitors who only relied on backlinks. However, why do a lot of people on the Web keep saying that backlinks are much more important?

For Marketing Purposes

This is the one of the primary reasons. There is a huge difference in the number of content writers/creators versus the number of SEO specialists present in the Web. Why would SEO specialists, who cannot create content and write well, market for writers? Also, they can market better on the Web and create better presence, so the noise-to -fact ratio on the Web regarding which is better is totally biased toward backlinks. Even inexperienced SEOs are confident to market that they can create great backlinks for your site. It is a profitable job with a high ROI that requires little effort.

Creating backlinks is an easy task, thanks to multiple tools that can automate the backlinking process.
In an hour, an SEO can create more than a hundred backlinks, which might seem a difficult job. Manually creating backlinks is not easy after all. Easy money, right? On the other hand, web content writing and creation cannot be easily automated. Spinning programs are totally unreliable. In an hour, a regular writer can only come up with one page. And it seems unproductive and expensive, despite many people paying for peanuts for content creation.

In A Nutshell

Hold your horses! Do not think that backlinking is bad after everything you have read. Be reminded that both are important. Backlinking is still effective and it will always be, but content is, again, king. The point here is that, in case you want to know where to invest your online presence budget in, then most of it should go to content creation.

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