What is the fastest way to get backlinks indexed by Google?

August 6, 2013

Google is the most popular search engine as of now, which is preferred by most of the net surfers all over the world. It frequently performs the crawling over different websites to rearrange its index from time to time. But it never accepts any payment for recrawling over any website, as it operates absolutely in a neutral manner. But a backlink needs more and more crawling for getting higher rank in the index of Google, where more people will be interested to view it.

Generally many people are under the impression that having more numbers of backlinks is a way towards the success of gaining popularity for a particular website. But if these backlinks are not properly indexed, they will not be able to attract enough people to that site.  Therefore the major concern of each website owner is to get his site indexed by a search engine, of which Google is the primary one.  Google has set up an automatic index system which crawls over the some backlinks, thus lending higher rank in the index of this search engine.

But all backlinks do not always get regularly indexed by this automatic Google index system, as it has no definite time gap to perform the crawling over the sites. Hence it is very important for any web owner to gain knowledge about the fastest ways to get the backlinks indexed by Google.

– One should link his site or backlink to as many popular Social Bookmarking sites as possible, where options are given to follow that link if liked. When this link is followed by a number of people, its chance of getting indexed in Google quickly becomes really high; as Google prefers any site which is more widely shared among other sites and viewed by many people.

– One may post numbers of impressive WordPress blogs on a link which is needed to be indexed by Google, which will interest many people to view this link and like it and further posting them on pages containing the backlinks of that site; thus increasing the possibility of getting higher rank in Google index in a shorter period of time.

– One can make Rich Site Summary or RSS feeds of his link page and post it to RSS directory, to be indexed very quickly in Google. Then this backlink can be pinged further by using different pinging software to obtain better result.

– All backlinks can be pinged regularly by any good and simple pinging tool available in the market, to increase the scope of moving higher in Google index.

Thereby one can now easily get to know the fastest way to get backlinks indexed by Google, resulting in the creation of more and more backlinks which are highly indexed on Google search engine.

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