What’s the fastest way to get a new Website indexed by Google?

September 19, 2013

In order to have your website listed and indexed on Google’s search result page quickly can be best done by ensuring that your website features all that is required by Google. And these requirements are as follows:

Web directory submission: These directories act as online platforms for creating links where it will be possible for you to submit your link in a category as per the theme of your website. Google as well as many of the other search engines gives preference to websites submitted in web directories. So when you submit a website in all of the major web directories, it becomes an excellent way to generate more traffic and also in enhancing the rankings of your website keywords.

On-site Optimization of website: By optimizing your website you will be including the proper keywords for your product and also be placing those keywords in your website code so as to make your website search engine friendly. It is with the keywords that your website can be identified and will also be able tell the user what your website is all about. So as a user searches for products relevant to your website and he found your website in Google SERP’s. Later by clicking your website if he likes your website, it may be possible that he will be converted as your client.

Forum and Blog Commenting: This is considered to be one of the fastest ways of digital marketing for generating back links and also in the promotion of your website online. It is with the help of blog and forum commenting that you are able to generate one way back link.

Search engine submission: When you submit your website in the search engines so that it is indexed fast by these search engine crawlers is known as search engine submission.

Classifieds: Such a process means displaying your website in the local as well as the international business directories. It is also known as business listings.

Press releases: When you write a press release for your business product and services launch it automatically becomes the fastest way of generating additional traffic on your website.

Pay Per Click: It is a paid form of digital marketing. Here, you will have to pay Google for per click. This process is able to provide you with an enhanced traffic and it also helps in converting visitors into clients fast.

So by following these simple steps your new website will go the fastest way to get indexed by Google.

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