When will the next Google PageRank Update happen In 2013?

October 17, 2013

The question is and has been bugging many who run websites of their own. The much anticipated update for Google’s PageRank is still supposed to happen but many aren’t quite sure. If there is anyone who know it is Google.

For those who don’t know. Google PageRank is a tool for measuring just how important one’s site is on the web. Our guess is as good as yours. It could happen tomorrow, next week, next month or maybe even in 2014. Google earlier used to toll out a new PageRank Update once in 3 months but that trend has certainly been stalled.

The last refreshed instalment used delivered in February that too in the beginning. It’s already October, so that was 8 months back. Most people were under the impression that it would happen in August but it didn’t.

Google’s Matt Cutts replied to a tweet on Twitter saying that it was highly unlikely if a new PR update came before 2014. With time, the garnered support that PageRank once had, dropped. Many people have asked Google time and again about the next update and if it would come and when it would be finally seen. Google has chosen to keep mum on the subject fuelling suspicions that the PageRank update might not see daylight at least for this year. Many are also debating if Google PageRank should be done away with for good or not. Only time can tell what hold for PageRank, till then we can only hold our horses and work on other important areas which need attention on our websites to ensure we get better ranking placements.

What should I do as a webmaster while I wait for the next PageRank update?

Many forums online are posting about how worried they are about the due PageRank Update. Instead of worrying, it is better for websites to focus on more important things like quality content. Content is what Google loves more than anything. PageRanks were once important, not anymore.

Google has been pushing quality content higher given the popularity of topics. Work to worry about formatting articles instead of worrying about the Google PageRank update which either will or won’t happen.

With 2013 nearing its end, it is fair to say that we can’t really expect one to happen this year. 2014 is now our best bet for the PageRank Update but one shouldn’t really worry or count on it and instead should look for other alternatives to ensure that their pages rank higher of Google in the search results section.

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