Which factors play the most important role concerning On-Page SEO?

May 9, 2015

Search engine optimization is a combination of several techniques and practices. However, not all of these are alike in terms of importance for higher rankings. Since SEO is usually for pressed-for-time individuals, it is important for these people to know which SEO practices should be at the top of their list.
Below are 5 important on-page SEO factors that can help make your site be on top of search engine rankings:

1. Place your keyword within the first 50 words of your article.

Majority of search engines concentrate on the initial section of your page. Hence, it is essential that when you index your site, make the initial part of your page specifically relevant. For this very reason, it is crucial to place your main keyword or keyword phrase within the initial 50 words of your content.

 2. Keep your keyword density to at least 1 percent.

Keyword density is not a crucial factor assessed by most search engines anymore since they became smarter and now tend to assess more the site’s content as whole, rather than particular matches for keywords when individuals make a search. This only implies that you must spend more time concentrating on making high quality articles and less on a particular keyword.

3. Make use of original and high quality content.

The term “original” implies having at least 25 percent dissimilarity from any other content. Preferably, your content must be 50 percent different. Any lower than this will pose a great chance of having your content picked up as “duplicate content.” Because of this, your site will be virtually barred from search engine results.

Also, having high quality content will make your visitors stay on your site longer. Numerous search engines places prime importance to this and your site will earn a positive reputation for being so markedly interesting.

4. Cautiously word your title tags.

Title tags present your page’s title. This text appears as a clickable heading on the search engine results and at the top of your browser’s window. It is very important that your title tags provide the search engine with a crystal clear message about your site’s subject, so they must bear the keywords that you intent to optimize for.

For example, if your site is all about weight reduction, then your page title could be “Tips On How To Reduce Weight” or “Weight Reduction Secrets.” If you want to place your page on how to play the guitar on top of search engine listings, then you can opt for a simple title tag of “How To Play The Guitar.”

5. Utilize H1 tags very well.

H1 tags are very much alike with newspaper headlines. Search engines take a look at H1 tags initially when indexing your site; therefore, your H1 tags should provide a good indication of what your page is all about. If your H1 tags bear the keywords, then your site will be picked up as more relevant.

The sad news is that not a lot of people utilize H1 tags since the default style is a large font that is not very attractive. To address this, simply make use of CSS to change the style of these tags.

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