Will a large number of No-Follow Backlinks harm a Website’s Ranking?

July 29, 2013

Article marketing can be beneficial for your website or blog in many ways. It is not just a matter of writing some content and sending it to an article directory in order to publish it. There are many other things also involved in doing the same. Article marketing involves the use of different techniques for achieving different goals. One such technique is the use of backlinks that can be achieved from the article directories found on any website. These backlinks are categorized as no follow backlinks and do follow backlinks. These two links are different and if you want to achieve a high position for your web page then you ought to know the difference between the two. In order to achieve a proper ranking to your website you need to obtain both these links. Only obtaining one of these links can appear suspicious and cause the search engines to penalize your website.

Let us first understand the difference between no follow backlinks and do follow backlinks. No follow backlinks are the links that are not observed by the search engines and do not land on your web page. On the other hand do follow backlinks are followed by the search engines. No follow backlinks are considered as click-able and actual links but they do not improve the page ranking of a website. One of the common problems encountered is when there are too many no follow backlinks built quickly. One should understand that SEO is a gradual process so you must focus your efforts on moving slowly than building these links overnight. You can achieve a better position if you do not rush through the process of link building.

No follow backlinks are present for a reason that can be determined by the search engines. They serve the purpose of bringing traffic to a website even though the generated traffic does not improve the page ranking of a website. So even if there are a large number of no follow backlinks to your website it is not considered as a bad signal by Google since a mix of both no follow backlinks and do follow backlinks offer a natural link building ratio. In addition no follow backlinks can increase traffic to your website from the website itself. So to conclude a large number of no follow backlinks do not harm your website’s ranking.

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