28 May 2013

How important is your Website’s Keyword Density for SEO?

Internet marketing is gaining a lot of importance in the marketing strategies of the companies. The companies have realized the need of having a strong online presence for the business to grow and expand to newer markets. SEO campaigns are used by the companies to have increased visibility which helps in creating a brand image […]

24 May 2013

How High is the Value of a Wikipedia Backlink?

The competition to excel is on rise these days. With the advent of technology, this race has increased further. We are living in an era where the internet has become a vital source for the success of any business. It has become significant more than ever for businesses to make their presence felt online or […]

20 May 2013

How important are GOV Backlinks for the Search Engine Ranking?

Hundreds of commercial backlinks won’t do any good for your website as much as one .gov backlinks can do. It is trustworthy and difficult to get and that is why it holds so much important. In fact, getting a .gov backlink only makes your website and your business appear more authentic. Getting these links is […]

16 May 2013

What Role does a DMOZ listing play for the Google Rankings?

DMOZ, also referred to as ODP or Open Directory Project, is nothing but a web directory. It is one of the most prestigious web directories that we have today and everybody strives to get their websites listed in here. Why not? After all, building a backlink from DMOZ may actually help in getting a higher […]

12 May 2013

Are GOV Backlinks better than EDU Backlinks?

When you are on the hunt for the best backlink, you might feel like you are on crossroads, especially when it comes to the .edu and .gov backlinks. Both of them are recommended by the SEO experts and they are equally hard to get. No matter how much Google tries to defend its unbiased policies, […]

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