13 December 2013

What’s the right Keyword Density in order to get a high Google Ranking?

For years, people have been talking about keyword density when it comes to improving search engine rankings of webpages. Here, we will look at what keyword density is, as well as the right keyword density to get you more visits to your webpage (or if that is even possible). You might just be surprised at […]

21 November 2013

What’s the Google Panda Update?

The effective features of the Google’s Panda Algorithm explain how Google became king of the web. In plain English, it is the way that Google crawls to collect words and web data and indexes those words as simply as the index of a hard-back book. In short, the search engine combs the web with as […]

12 November 2013

The most important Google Ranking Factors in 2013

There are always dozens of SEO factors that determine high Google ranking. The ranking factors do not change overnight but there are always some updates and changes that any webmaster, internet marketer or company has to bear in mind. In 2013, the same old SEO factors would still be significant but according to the importance […]

3 November 2013

What’s the Google Penguin 2.1 Update?

Google Penguin has always caused a lot of heartaches and headaches. Ever since the first Google Penguin – now known as Penguin 1.0 – was released, many companies have been penalized and several have experienced dwindling organic traffic from search engines. Google Penguin 2.1 is the fifth update that was released in the first week […]

25 October 2013

What’s the Google Hummingbird Update and the Purpose behind it?

Google Hummingbird is the latest change that the technology giant has made to its algorithm that runs and manages the search engine result pages. While Google Hummingbird is the latest update, it is not similar to the updates made over the years, ala Penguin and Panda among others. The Hummingbird algorithm is an entirely new […]

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