4 October 2020

SEO for Product Pages: Backlinks or Content?

Content is indeed king! Quality content or backlinks – which is more important? The answer to this question is quite easy. There are several questions made by people in “Ask an SEO”, of which this week’s was by Andrez from Poland. He stated: “I deal in art supplies at an online store and am at […]

2 September 2020

Does the Content Length matter for SEO?

Do you want to enjoy first place rankings for your website? Are you eager to know number of words to have to achieve this target? Want to know optimum copy length for SEO? Going through this article will help you to know about SEO and word count to have. “How many words do I write?” […]

21 July 2020

What are the Characteristics of a Natural Link?

This article throws light on the difference that exists between good, bad, natural and quality links. There are few terms used commonly in SEO like good links, quality links and natural links. Be it you are planning to carry out a client pitch, your boss wants to know the reason for not deriving quality links […]

10 June 2020

How to do effective SEO for Niche Marketing

If you are looking for an effective SEO program for niche marketing, you need to follow five simple steps. Today, there is surely something for every marketer but you need to target the right to reach your goal. A niche market is not a huge one and this is the key reason that it is […]

16 February 2020

The Interaction Between SEO and Web Design

When you focus on getting to the top of the search results page you may miss out on some important aspects. It is not just SEO that will get you the top spot. In most cases, the concentration is only on SEO while forgetting the other things that affect too. Web design is an important […]

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