29 August 2013

Should a Website use the keywords meta tag or is it unimportant?

The use of keywords and Meta tags for ranking websites was done traditionally and it is used by some search engines till now. But Google has considered the use of keywords and Meta tags obsolete. It is using some other tags such as title, description, etc. Keywords are the words which define a particular topic […]

23 August 2013

Is a Homepage Backlink better for the SEO than a Site-Wide backlink?

No one can deny the importance of backlinks as it helps to spread your website and enhance its popularity. But the kind of backlinks to which Google responds has changed with the Google Penguin update. Most of the SEO professionals have confusion that whether a homepage back link is better or a site wide backlink. […]

16 August 2013

Do Site-Wide Backlinks have a negative effect on a Website’s Ranking?

Though backlinks are highly useful for any website but the current scenario is quite different. The SEO professionals will have to be a strict while creating backlinks as spammy links can bring down the rank of your website. According to the recent news, the Google Penguin update has mainly focused on the relevancy of the […]

11 August 2013

What does it mean to ping Backlinks?

A backlink is a SEO term given for voting or choosing a specific webpage by another webpage. The number of backlinks of a website establishes its ranking or in other words its importance in the major search engines like Google or Yahoo. When a particular website achieves higher ranking in a search engine, it is […]

6 August 2013

What is the fastest way to get backlinks indexed by Google?

Google is the most popular search engine as of now, which is preferred by most of the net surfers all over the world. It frequently performs the crawling over different websites to rearrange its index from time to time. But it never accepts any payment for recrawling over any website, as it operates absolutely in […]

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