21 April 2013

Do No-Follow Backlinks have a negative impact on a Website’s Ranking?

Some years ago Google has implemented No-Follow backlinks to fight against massive comment spam. Since then many blogs are declaring the links built within their comment areas automatically/by default as No-Follow ones. Now the question is which value No-Follow backlinks have and if a large number of them linking to your website will cause a […]

16 April 2013

Does the Alexa Ranking influence the Search Engine Ranking?

The web information company Alexa publishes detailed visitor statistics of Websites and gives every Website according to a specific analysis an individual rank which is the Alexa Traffic Rank. For many people the Alexa Ranking is an important traffic rating factor, so that they include it into the tracking of their websites’ SEO results. Nevertheless […]

11 April 2013

Is the Google Dinosaur Update already effective?

There is a big discussion on the internet about a new Google algorithm update which is named Google Dinosaur. The discussion came up when Matt Cutts, head of web spam at Google, published a new video which contains the information that there will be a new update. Let us take a look on this new […]

7 April 2013

How much worth is a First Place in Google?

A first page position in Google has been considered for a long time as one of the holy grails for site owners, advertisers, or marketers. If you’re reading this, you will probably know that the Search Engine Optimization is one of the main methods marketers can utilize in the everlasting quest for an improved page […]

3 April 2013

How does Social Media affect Search Engine Optimization?

The first way in which Social Media affects SEO is personalized search. Many businesses don’t realize that different people see different search results even if they type in the same keyword or keyword phrase. Results are based on location and recommendations of your connections. If you are signed in to your Google account, while searching […]

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