23 July 2013

How can I find free do-follow backlinks for my Website?

Are you wondering where can you get free do follow backlinks for your website?Here are some sources from where you can find free do follow backlinks. 1. Web directories Web directories consist of a list of links to the websites. The website owners can present their website to these directories. Search engines accept almost every […]

16 July 2013

Will a Google Plus Account boost a website’s ranking?

Google+ is the latest entrant in the arena of social media and within a short time it has carved a niche for itself. With an increasing database of users it is directly competing with the social networking giants like Facebook. Social media plug- in is rapidly gaining the foothold in the SEO methodology. Google+ can […]

10 July 2013

Should a Website have actual content to get better ranked?

A website most often receives rave reviews from its visitors when it has a perfect match of design and content. It implies that having an elegant design cannot serve the purpose alone because people are more influenced by what they read and what inference they draw from it. Content also holds its importance in making […]

5 July 2013

Is it important for SEO to have a Facebook Fanpage or Twitter Profile?

What if Facebook and Twitter were a country? Facebook would rank (in terms of population) 3rd with more than 1 billion users and Twitter would stand at 12th with more than 500 million users. With so many users on these platforms, it certainly is a hunting ground for SEO. A Facebook fan page helps the […]

1 July 2013

What does it mean to be penalized by Google?

Once you find a negative feedback for the web site rank due to the changes in the search engine algorithm of search engines like Google, you can term it as a Google penalty. The owner of the site will observe that the web site has low traffic suddenly.  There have been so many cases of […]

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