3 May 2015

Which recent Google algorithm updates should you take into account?

Google releases algorithm updates on a regular basis. While most are minor, the king of search engines also releases major updates. Two of the major updates are Panda and Penguin. These updates influence the rankings and traffic of websites; therefore, website masters or administrators must keep track of these updates. You may ask: Which among […]

25 April 2015

Why is it so important to get links from diversified sources?

In order to get a stable link portfolio, you need to have the following ingredients – link quality, link quantity, link relevancy, and link diversity. While the first three seem to be getting enough attention, most web site owners seem to ignore diversity or put it at the least priority. Although keyword ranking is largely […]

18 April 2015

Does Google Rank Websites With Actual Blog Content Higher?

The short answer is: Yes, Google ranks websites with actual blog content higher than other sites that don’t. Why Is This So? The reason is that, in terms of ensuring that a site gains loyal visitors as well as draws in new viewers, having good content is still the best way to go. Other websites […]

11 April 2015

Is there good SEO Software available for Linux?

A lot goes on behind the scenes for a successful business with a strong Internet presence.  There are the products sold and services rendered, the information campaign to get your product out there, and the various ways to improve linking and raise product awareness.  In addition to all of this is search engine optimization. At […]

3 April 2015

Which Backlinks Pass The Highest Amount Of Authority?

If you want to get your website ranked higher on Google then you’ll want to take a look at your backlinks. Backlinks are crucial if you want to move up in the rankings. Google judges your site depending on your keywords, your content and the authority of your site which will be inherited by backlinks. […]

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