28 April 2017

The Correlation between SEO and Website Design

Websites are the center of the digital marketing world. To gain attention, organic searches – the largest traffic source of websites – must be conquered. However, businesses disregard SEO until the website is designed, resulting to the lack of front for digital marketing. The website might be good, but without digital marketing and SEO, it’s […]

25 March 2017

Google Fred: The Big, Unconfirmed Google Algorithm Update

Google hummingbird, Google mobile friendly update, Google panda update, Google penguin update, Google pigeon update, Google payday update, Google pirate update, Google EMD (Exact Match Domain) update and Google top heavy update are just some of the famous and important algorithm updates that Google had made in the past. And now comes the new so […]

6 February 2017

Avoid making these 10 SEO Mistakes in 2017

If you want to get and maintain high rankings for the year 2017 and after, avoid committing the following SEO booboos: 1. Depending on great content to get you to rank well Great content works great with SEO. However, it is not a substitute for SEO. Content marketing does not automatically mean high rankings. It […]

15 January 2017

The Top 10 SEO Trends for 2017

The elements of SEO are always changing. Search engines alter their algorithms to improve the accuracy of their search results. Now that a new year has started, let’s discuss the SEO trends you need to consider for the next 12 months.  1. Cross-Channel Marketing The term “cross-channel marketing” refers to the process of using two […]

17 November 2016

How long does it take for Google to index new backlinks?

Having your own website definitely helps in making your business known on a much larger scale. It is an effective way to gain more customers, since you expose your brand and your products in cyberspace, where there are very few — sometimes, none at all — limitations. The only thing you have to consider is […]

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