15 January 2017

The Top 10 SEO Trends for 2017

The elements of SEO are always changing. Search engines alter their algorithms to improve the accuracy of their search results. Now that a new year has started, let’s discuss the SEO trends you need to consider for the next 12 months.  1. Cross-Channel Marketing The term “cross-channel marketing” refers to the process of using two […]

17 November 2016

How long does it take for Google to index new backlinks?

Having your own website definitely helps in making your business known on a much larger scale. It is an effective way to gain more customers, since you expose your brand and your products in cyberspace, where there are very few — sometimes, none at all — limitations. The only thing you have to consider is […]

1 October 2016

5 SEO Mistakes You Should Stop Doing

In a nutshell: SEO techniques are still working, and you should not be focusing on your content alone. It is true that Google has made some changes in their search engine algorithm (the fourth major update of Penguin just happened, mind you) and it is still telling people to focus on content. However, it does […]

17 September 2016

How to track the monthly searches for a keyword in Google Search?

By doing a keyword research, you are able to find what people are searching for on the web, as well as how often they do so – particularly on Google. This is important in marketing because you’ll find out how much advertisers are willing to pay for the given keyword. This is an essential step […]

31 August 2016

Why has Google eliminated the PageRank?

In a Twitter post, John Mueller confirmed all rumors about the complete elimination of Google’s PageRank from the public eye. PageRank was virtually the first Google algorithm used by the search engine giant to put itself on the map — and boy, was it successful. It allowed users to use Google from other search engines, […]

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